Ionizing Air Nozzle (TEC-211A/B/C)

Manufacturing Part Number: TEC-211A/B/C
Description: Ionizing Air Nozzle

1.    The TEC-311A/B/C ionizing air gun is a handhold device which provides concentrated flow of high pressure ionized air to a targeted surface or object.
2.    They are designed for more large focused cleaning and neutralization.
3.    It is well used in delicate electronic products, electronic assembly line, medical device manufacture and assembly line.
4.    It has an effective distance of 1,000mm.
5.    It operates with TEC-402A/B Power Supply which must be ordered separately.

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage  5.6KV 
Current Consumption  200uA 
Operating Temperature  0 ~ 50°C 
Weight  0.5kg 
HV Cable length  3 Meters 
Operating air pressure  40 - 70psi 
Operating air velocity  >10m/sec 

Decay Test Results

Air-211A/C Testing Conditions 
Testing Voltage Range:5.0KV to 500V Operating Voltage:5.6KV Temperature:20°C 
Distance  30mm  90mm  150mm 
Decay Time  Positive  0.1s  0.2s  0.9s 
Negative  0.1s  0.2s 0.7s 
Offset voltage  Positive  -23V  -18V  +14V 
Negative  -29V  -16V  +17V 


Air-211B Testing Conditions
Testing Voltage Range:1.0KV to 100V Operating Voltage:5.6KV Temperature:20°C 
Distance 30mm  90mm  150mm 
Decay time Positve  0.5s  1.0s  1.9s 
Negative  0.6s  1.1s  1.7s 
Offset voltage  Positive  -7V  -5V  +3V 
Negative  -6V  -4V  +5V