Ionizing Air Snake (TEC-201)

Manufacturing Part Number: TEC-201
Description: Ionizing Air Snake

1.    The body is light and small.
2.    Eliminate electrostatic rapidly.
3.    Balance voltage: 0vĄŔ30v
4.    It is a hand free, flexible ionizing nozzle that can be positioned to produce a clean ionized stream to a targeted surface.
5.    Powered by the Air Flow controller, it can be placed any where. It requires TEC-500 Power Supply for operation which must be ordered separately.

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage  4.6KV 
Current consumption  0.35A 
Operating temperature  0C - 50C 
Weight  2.6kg 
Length of hose  33cm 
Material  Polupropylene flex hose 
Air Pressure  5 - 70psi 
Air velocity  10m/sec 
Air Flow  0.8SCFM at 10PSI 
5.5SCFM at 50PSI
11.5SCFM at 100PSI
Discharge time (5000v - 500v at 15cm)  <1.5s