Ionizing Gun (TEC-204DC)

Manufacturing Part Number: TEC-204DC
Description: Ionizing Gun

1.    TEC-204DC is a handhold device which can quickly remove dust, dirt and static charge.
2.    It is widely used in packing, printing industry, etc. It has to be operated with  power supply
3.    Forceful blast  of ionizing air flow to eliminate dust and static charge.
4.    Positive/negative ions adjustable
5.    With small and little designated power supply. 

Technical Data:

Input voltage  110V/220V 
Input current  16mA/8mA 
Operating temperature  0C - 50°C 
Weight  Gun350g, Controller750g 
Operating voltage  4.6kv 
Air pressure  40 - 70psi 
Size  120(L)x90(W)x45(H)mm 
HV cable length  2m 

Decay Test Results

Operating Voltage  Testing Voltage
5kV - 500V
Temperature 22°C
Distance  150mm 300mm 
Decay time  ≤+1s  ≤+1.2s 
≤-1s  ≤-1.2s 
Offset voltage  ≤+20V  ≤+30V 
≤-20V  ≤-30V